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KubeRocks: news and resources about Kubernetes and containers

  • Sat 19 March 2016
  • Cloud

During the last year and a half, while building EasyWP for Namecheap, I've been focused a lot on things like CoreOS, Openstack and containers (both with Docker and Rkt). Building a product based on containers, nowadays is such an ambitious objective.

Though containers technology exists since many years, only during the latest months became trending and enough stable to be used in a production environment. In particular, if you want to build a solid container environment, you need a good orchestrator. An orchestrator is something that schedules your containers, keeps them running and auto heals them in case of crash. After trying almost all the solutions available today on the market, I finally came up with Kubernetes and I fell in love with it.


Kubernetes is an opensource orchestrator cluster technology, originally created by Google and now contributed by many big entities (you wouldn't imagine, but also Microsoft is committing on Kubernetes repository). With Kubernetes you can be sure that your pods are always running. More. Kubernetes offers many tools to manage app deployment in containers, monitoring, etc.

As I said before, these kind of technologies are very new, so finding news, tutorial and resources is very difficult. This is why I decided to create KubeRocks. KubeRocks is an HackerNews style website that will focus on Kubernetes and container resources. KubeRocks is open to all. Just subscribe and you can post your links.

Currently KubeRocks runs on HelloBox, a pretty cool service to create vertical news websites. It has some limits, but for now it's enough. Please subscribe and contribute yourself!