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NoHumansWrite: a GPT-3 operated blog

It's a bit embarrassing, but it has been almost two years since I last wrote in this blog. I'm honest, I have been trying to maintain a blog for more than 20 years, but I never succeeded. It went a bit better when I had an Italian blog. Writing in my mother tongue was quicker and I was way less paranoid about my perfectionism (I'm far from being a good English writer). With that being said, I probably found a good solution and I guess you already heard about it since it's on everyone's lips. Yeah, you got it right, it's called GPT-3.

I started experimenting with GPT-3 early this year, but then I stopped because I was too busy. In the last couple of weeks, after the release of GPT-3.5, I decided to play with it again. I was impressed, like probably the other 1 million users who joined in just five days. As I was playing with GPT-3, one of the first thoughts that came to mind was "what if I used GPT-3 to write on my blog?". But then I realized that it would be unfair to my audience. Ok, I'm busy and also a bit lazy when it comes to maintaining a blog, but that doesn't justify cheating. So I thought, what if I run a GPT-3 operated blog and let my audience know about it? And maybe even share the GPT-3 prompts I use to create posts? That's how NoHumansWrite was born.


As mentioned, NoHumansWrite is a simple blog (almost) entirely operated by AI. I use gpt3-wordpress-post-generator, a simple command-line interface (CLI) I wrote to interact with the GPT-3 API and WordPress. This CLI asks for a topic and then suggests a title. If you like it, then this title is used to automatically generate the post. Images are created using Midjourney project and then manually embedded in the post. One more thing that I find useful to include, is the GPT-3 prompt used to generate the post.

Apart from feeling realized seeing a blog that finally gets quickly populated, the purposes of this experiment are multiple.

  • One purpose is to understand how people will react to AI-generated content. Will they find it useful? The posts that are currently being generated are basic, but in my opinion, somehow interesting.
  • Another purpose is to analyze how/if Google and other search engines will index AI-generated content. Just imagine if everyone started using GPT-3 to write content and Google did nothing to mark that content as AI-generated.
  • Last but not least, the experiment aims to inspire people. As with Google, using the right keywords when you search for something is important, but not everyone is good at it. Being able to use the right keywords when you search for something is a valuable skill (that I always look for in people I hire).

In conclusion, apart from NoHumansWrite, I am very excited for the times ahead. This is just the beginning of a big revolution. And no, I'm not talking about me running a blog, I'm talking about AI becoming more and more integrated into our lives 🙂