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New year, new domain and good resolutions for 2019

Last time I wrote here, it was more or less one year ago. 2018 was a really busy year, with many challenges, but also many successes to celebrate. In addition to that, I have a newcomer in my family that will probably keep me awake for some nights.

My good resolution for 2019 then, is to try to share more.

In the last year I totally lost interest in sharing stuff on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. That while I still feel the need of sharing about my "hacker" life, that is not only limited to bits. Indeed, besides computers, I love electronics, DIY, 3d printing, artificial intelligence and and even cooking!

For that reason I decided to revamp a little bit this blog and also move to a more meaningful domain which was better identifying myself.

Yes, I feel like an "hybrid hacker". What an hybrid hacker is?

Imho an hybrid hacker can be defined as a person who tries to apply the hacker culture to everyday life. And this is exactly what I do. If I will be able to do what I just wrote, you will understand more.

With that said, Happy new year! 😀