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Migrating from Jekyll to Pelican

After (not) using Jekyll for a lot of time, I decided to move to Pelican. Why I've done that is quickly explained. I'm a Pythonist and I already have to maintain a Python environment on my laptop Pelican is extremely clean and easy to hack I'm not a great fan …

I finally switched from Fish to Zsh

I always been a big fan of Fish shell and if you are involved in sysadmin or development you can understand why. Super useful autosuggestion, shiny colors and many other cool features. So why I decided to switch to Zsh? I make an extensive use of terminal for everyday job …

  • Sat 19 March 2016
  • Cloud

KubeRocks: news and resources about Kubernetes and containers

During the last year and a half, while building EasyWP for Namecheap, I've been focused a lot on things like CoreOS, Openstack and containers (both with Docker and Rkt). Building a product based on containers, nowadays is such an ambitious objective. Though containers technology exists since many years, only during …

  • Sun 17 January 2016
  • Cloud

Single node Ceph cluster on CentOS 7 with VirtualBox

If you work with cloud, you know that nowadays Ceph is the standard when you talk about distributed file systems. The only good alternative imho is GlusterFS, but today I wanna talk about installing a single node Ceph on CentoOS 7 using Virtualbox. This is for testing purposes only. I …

  • Sun 15 November 2015
  • Code

Ask for sudo password in graphical mode on MacOS X

I do lot of bash scripting under MacOS and usually, if I need administration privileges, I run sudo from my terminal. Anyway, sometimes you need to let non-technical users run these scripts and I'm sure that they wouldn't be happy to open terminal and run your script with sudo command …